At 1.61 London we are privileged to see all the latest items that are released by suppliers across the world and at the same time understand what our clients are asking us to incorporate in their designs. This evolves year after year. Here are some of the things we are seeing:


Bronze is definitely in with metallic framing or accents incorporated throughout the most luxurious designs. Its a beautiful colour that creates a luxurious feel without being too over the top.


More and more our clients are looking for a tasteful design which is generally neutral in colour. However texture is used to enhance a space and add the wow factor. Textured wallpapers, polished plasters, leathers and different upholstery fabrics are all used to create the effect.


Coming in 2018 we have seen some amazing pieces of art created. Art that actually reflects your feelings and emotions by showing your heart beat visually. Movement in art is a trend we think will take off in 2018.


As we enter 2018 its clear that the big technology giants are fighting over the home space. From Alexa and Syri to Googles creation it is clear that the incorporation of a ‘Jarvis’ esque voice giving you feedback around your home will become the normal for all of us.


Clever storage is always a key request from any client we work with. Coming up with clever solutions to enhance storage spaces is always high on the list.