Please explain your relevant training/ work experience?
My brother and I founded 1.61 London together. The
business was set up to find and create uniquely designed
properties throughout the prime areas of London and the
wider world. And unlike most interior designers the main
experience my brother and I had was on the valuation side of
the property business. This is a key component of any design
1.61 London undertakes, always ensuring that the work done
is a good investment alongside delivering a beautiful home.

Please describe the highlight of your career to date.
1.61 London winning its first design award. It came as a real
surprise and only in year three.

How did achieving this make you feel?
An extremely proud moment for the whole team.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?
Inspiration comes from so many different sources. When
working with a client they are the main source of inspiration
for the project but on our developments, it can be a key
component of the location or a unique product we can
implement in a development.

What project(s) are you currently working on?
We are working on a range of incredible projects around
the world from a 75,000 square foot mansion for a private
client in the UK to a 35,000 square foot estate in Bel Air, Los
Angeles. We are also currently working on a Gatsby esque
family mansion in Surrey, a 350-foot yacht that is going into
production in 2022, a stunning listed house in Belgravia and
a 200 unit new build as part of the redevelopment of the
Southwark Fire station to name a few.

Tell us a little more about these projects…
The level of detail and uniqueness we are creating for the
75,000 square foot mansion will be a true one-of-a-kind
project. We are incorporating the very best ideas and
materials from around the world to create a fully bespoke
aesthetic. We aren’t able to share many of the details, but
the project really will be one of the finest private residences
in the world.

What area(s) of the design sector do you work in for the
most part?
Most of our projects are residential although we have
recently completed a 30,000 square foot co-working space in
Malaysia and we are currently designing a private plane.

Please describe the project you are most proud of to date,
with reasons why this was a success?
Brigade Court – a 200 new build development – taking the
oldest fire station in London and creating a combination of
modern/ traditional design over the last two years has been
an incredible journey for the team. We cannot wait for the
completion to happen next year.

How would you describe your work/design style /ethos?
1.61 London delivers a seamless integration of the very
latest in finishes, furniture, implementation and technology.
We undertake such a variety of finishes and looks that there
isn’t one style we prefer.

How has the pandemic changed your outlook on work/ life?
It’s created a significant shift in the line between work and
home life. We have learnt to improvise and have become far
more adaptive as a team to the changing world.

How do you predict the pandemic will change the global
design sector?
Working in the construction sector requires a lot more
planning given the supply difficulties for materials. Faceto-
face meetings have also evolved now with the majority
of clients now happy to do zoom calls. This is something we
think will remain in the future.

What are your thoughts on the future of design?
We think it’s becoming more and more important that the
materials we use are sustainable. This is something we
continue to strive for at 1.61 London.

Please tell us your aims for the next twelve months and
To deliver a complete one-stop solution in the property
industry for our clients across all areas.

Final thoughts
We are very proud to be included in such a prestigious group
of designers.